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Best-buy-sales-associate, best buy's dramatic turnaround orchestrated by debonair chairman ceo hubert joly apparently owes much to the teachings of theologian and founding jesuit ignatius of loyola whose philosophies and. Best buy sales associates in these stores were given several mobile devices including ipads apple ipod touches and samsung galaxy tabs to educate consumers and process purchases the connected store, a new report claims that big box electronics retailer best buy may be preparing to hand out ipads to each of the on floor sales associates in its 1 100 us stores "a source with knowledge of corporate. Best buy said it's looking into a variety of tablets for sales associates to use in stores not just the ipad the samsung galaxy tab motorola xoom and first generatrion ipad are also candidates for, the in store best buy restructure in recent days amounts to the demotion of up to 8 000 senior sales associates with big salary cuts for most of them that's according to a note to investors by.

Best buy has found that shoppers spend more money when at home than in store ceo hubert joly says the in house service is one way the company will open up "latent" customer demand sales associates, not content with a gazillion galaxy phone sales samsung is hoping to continue winning the smartphone war in one of the biggest battlegrounds any manufacturer can face: retail the korean oem has.

From the screen to the store more and more customers are choosing to buy online and pick up their purchases there remain, the stores will be staffed by dedicated microsoft specialists and the alliance will train an additional 1 200 best buy sales associates earlier this year we also heard that best buy is going to. The sales associates were generally fairly patronizing the 2020s are sold out so the best you can hope for is msrp on, and in working with kohl's and best buy amazon is clearly comfortable housing its presence in other retailers' stores though the kohl's locations are staffed by amazon sales associates.

A source with knowledge of corporate mobile device deployments has told forbes that one of the 10 largest retailers in the u s will soon distribute ipads to all its sales staff 1 100 u s stores